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Why Is There A Difference Between The Custom Aluminum Parts Size And The Actual Size?

Jan. 11, 2019

The cause of the fault: the speed of rapid positioning is too fast, the drive and the motor do not react; after long-term friction loss, the mechanical lead screw and the bearing are too tightly stuck; the tool post is too loose after the tool change, the lock is not tight; the editing procedure Error, the head and tail did not respond or did not cancel the tool to complete; the system's electronic gear ratio or step angle setting is wrong.

Solution: If the rapid positioning speed is too fast, the speed of the GO will be adjusted appropriately. The cutting acceleration and deceleration and time will make the drive and the motor work normally at the rated operating frequency. After the machine wear occurs, the carriage and the screw crane bearing are too tight. If the card is dead, it must be re-adjusted. If the tool holder is too loose after the tool change, check whether the tool holder reversal time is satisfied, check whether the worm gear inside the tool holder is worn, whether the clearance is too large, whether the installation is too loose, etc.; If the cause is caused, the program must be modified, the workpiece drawing requirements should be improved, a reasonable processing technique should be selected, and the correct program should be written according to the instructions of the manual; if the dimensional deviation of Automation Equipment Precision Parts is found to be too large, check whether the system parameters are set properly, especially the electronic gears and Whether the parameters such as the step angle are destroyed, this phenomenon can be measured by dialing a dial indicator.

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