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Why Are There Too Bad Parts In Mass Production?

Jan. 12, 2019

The cause of the failure: the fixture must be carefully checked, and considering the operator's operation method and the reliability of the clamping, due to the dimensional changes caused by the clamping, the tooling must be improved so that the worker can avoid the human error and misjudgment as much as possible; the numerical control system may When the external power supply fluctuates or is disturbed, the interference pulse is automatically generated, and the drive is transmitted to the drive to receive the excess pulse drive motor to take away or less.

Solution: Understand the rules, try to use some anti-interference measures, such as: strong electric cable interference strong signal and weak electric signal signal line isolation, add anti-interference absorption capacitor and shielded line isolation, in addition, check the ground Whether the connection is firm, the grounding contact is the closest, and all anti-interference measures are taken to avoid system interference.

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