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What Causes The CNC Machining Accuracy To Be A Problem?

Jan. 10, 2019

1. CNC Machining Aluminum Parts size and poor surface finish

The cause of the failure: the tool tip is damaged, not sharp; the machine tool generates resonance, the placement is not stable; the machine tool has crawling phenomenon; the processing technology is not good.

Solution: If the tool is not sharp after being worn or damaged, re-grind the knife or choose a better tool to re-align the tool; the machine will generate resonance or place it is not stable, adjust the level, lay the foundation, and fix it smoothly; the reason for the mechanical creep is drag The plate guide rail is very worn, the lead screw ball is worn or loose, the machine tool should pay attention to maintenance, the wire should be cleaned after work, and the lubricating oil should be added in time to reduce the friction; the coolant suitable for the workpiece processing can be selected to meet the processing requirements of other processes. In the case, try to use a higher spindle speed.

2. The CNC Customized Parts produces a taper size

The cause of the failure: the level of the machine tool is not adjusted well, one high and one low, the placement is not stable; when turning the long axis, the contribution material is relatively hard, the tool is deeper, causing the knife phenomenon; the tailstock thimble is not concentric with the main shaft.

Solution: Use the level to adjust the level of the machine, lay a solid foundation, fix the machine to improve its toughness; choose a reasonable process and appropriate cutting feed to avoid the tool force to make the knife; adjust the tailstock

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