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Improvement In The Processing Of Aluminum Parts

Jan. 03, 2019

Due to its light weight, easy forming and high strength, aluminum and aluminum alloy parts are widely used in the machinery industry and some large components with heavy weight and complicated shapes. The compressor parts produced by the company also contain aluminum parts. Due to shape characteristics, dimensional tolerances, shape tolerances, etc., these aluminum parts are easily deformed during processing, which brings many problems to the process.

The material used for the parts is cast aluminum, the heat generated during processing is small and there is sufficient cutting fluid to cool, so the effect of thermal deformation is first excluded. After many explorations, the processing plan was gradually improved and improved, so that the processing quality of aluminum parts was effectively controlled and improved.

The processing technology of aluminum parts is: casting > sand blasting > aging > processing A reference plane and 10 mm width > processing 0.05 parallel plane and 9 mm width > deburring > measurement inspection.

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Aluminum Parts Processing