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What Should We Do If The Aluminum Parts Are Deformed After Processing?

Dec. 28, 2018

It is quite normal to deform the Aluminum Prts Processing after processing, but it can also be compensated by technology.

Due to its light weight, easy forming and high strength, aluminum and aluminum alloy parts are widely used in the machinery industry and some large-sized components with heavy weight requirements and complex shapes, especially in the aerospace industry.

Cause Analysis:

Since the material used in the processing of aluminum parts is cast aluminum, the Precision Aluminum Parts Processing generate little heat during processing and there is sufficient cutting fluid to cool, so the influence of thermal deformation is first excluded. After the semi-finishing of aluminum parts, the size of the cavity has reached the final requirement, and the wall thickness of the aluminum parts is easy to produce flexural deformation. This is why it is difficult to ensure the flatness when processing thin-walled aluminum parts with flat vise. The main reason.

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