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What should be paid attention to during the stretching process of aluminum shell?

Aug. 13, 2019

What should be paid attention to during the stretching process of aluminum shell?

What should be paid attention to during the stretching process of aluminum shell? Below Aluminum alloy parts processing Factory would like to share for you:

1, stretching must be in the aluminum alloy profile cooling to 50 degrees before moving to the stretching frame for stretching operations, high temperature that stretching will be very hot already bad human body, very hot bad hair top, but also because it can not completely eliminate the internal stress of aluminum alloy profile before and after aging present twists and turns, twist, such as functional defects.

2, the amount of stretching control in 1%, and pay attention to the amount of stretching too high will occur in the head and tail scale error, appearance of water striate twist (fish scale) mark, low elongation, high hardness brittle (plastic low). Too low tensile amount will make the compressive strength and hardness of profile low, and even aging (quenching) can not improve the hardness of the Aluminum Lamps shell, profile easy arc bending (commonly known as broadsword).

3, in order to control the tensile deformation and very good control of the size of the whole section, to choose the appropriate special clamping pad and appropriate methods. Especially the opening material, circular arc material, cantilever material, and bending shape profile should pay attention to the reasonable and useful use of stretch clamp.

CNC machining Aluminum alloy parts

CNC Machining Aluminum Alloy Parts

4, pay attention to the thickness ratio of high, hanging wall long, large radian, wall thickness difference, strange shape and other profiles of the foot, thin teeth, long legs, arc, inclined plane, opening, viewpoint, etc., avoid the section or point size deformation, twist, spiral defects.

5, because of the effect of thermal resistance, decorative appearance of high demand for CNC machining Aluminum alloy parts must be more up and down before and after turning, for the benefit of uniform heat dissipation, reduce due to heat uneven crystallinity and then the occurrence of transverse bright spot defects, especially large wide face, wall slant thick aluminum profile more to pay attention to.

6, in the process of taking, moving and stretching, they shall not rub, pull, stack, jam or wrap with each other, and shall reserve a certain interval between each other. Easy twists and turns, the length of the aluminum alloy profile to timely disposal, necessary to make good maintenance between each other.