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Overview of the development of aluminum extrusion die at home and abroad

Aug. 06, 2019

Overview of the development of aluminum extrusion die at home and abroad

Numerical simulation of the extrusion process of aluminum profiles can predict the possible defects in the actual extrusion process, optimize the extrusion die structure design, adjust the extrusion custom Aluminum parts process parameters and provide specific technical solutions. Researchers at home and abroad have done a lot of work. HyunWooShin et al. from South Korea conducted finite element analysis of non-axisymmetric extrusion process in 1993. They simplified the three-dimensional problem by using two-dimensional rigid plastic finite element method combined with thick plate theory, and conducted accurate numerical simulation of the entire extrusion process, at the same time reducing the amount of calculation.

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For deformation simulation, yu huping used plastic forming simulation software DEFORM and combined with rigid-viscoplastic finite element method (fem) to conduct two-dimensional simulation of extrusion deformation process of plane split-flow die by custom Aluminum parts Supplier, and obtained the distribution and change of stress, strain, temperature and flow velocity of aluminum alloy in extrusion process. Liu hanwu et al. used ANSYS software to conduct finite element analysis and calculation of split-flow combined die extruded aluminum profiles, and found out the structural defects that are not easy to find in the original die design. Mr. Zhou, the three dimensional rigid visco-plastic finite element method, a typical aluminum non isothermal forming process are simulated, analyzed the aluminium profile extrusion forming three different stages, gives the forming stage of the stress, strain and temperature field distribution and the forming process of mold load with the change of forming time. For the pressure field, yan hong et al. used ANSYS software as a platform to simulate and analyze the three-dimensional finite element of the extrusion process of the wall panel profile in 2000, and obtained the displacement field, strain field and stress field of the extrusion process of the profile.