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What Should Be Paid Attention To In The Die-Casting Process Of Aluminum Profile Housing(part 2)

Apr. 19, 2019

Following shared by the Aluminum Model Parts Manufacturer.

4. Considering the thickness of the aluminum profile shell in the die-casting wall, it will be difficult to fill if the thickness is too thick.

5. In the process of die-casting aluminum shell, we need to consider the mold in the presence of complex structure, do not easily pull out more than one core, so as not to crafts, causing damage.

The above content is the introduction of what should be paid attention to during the die-casting process of aluminum profile shell. Aluminum alloy shell is a variety of shells made of aluminum alloy material, generally including aluminum profile shell and aluminum die-casting shell. The above summary of aluminum alloy shell in die-casting need to pay attention to some problems I hope to bring help to the friends in need, we need to understand the process in the future when some operations, so as not to cause the quality of aluminum shell is not up to standard

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