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The Workpiece Placement Of CNC Machine (part 1)

Apr. 20, 2019

The Workpiece Placement Of CNC Machine (part 1)

CNC Machining Aluminum parts Manufacturer Shares that CNC machining center is automatically processed according to the program, the tool and the workpiece in the machine tool is always in a certain position. Therefore, each workpiece clamping on the fixture must pin to determine the location, processing is not allowed to deformation, and strive to reduce the workpiece loading and unloading time. The choice of positioning method should have a higher positioning accuracy, consider the clamping program, should pay attention to the clamping force point and direction of action, should try to make the parts can be installed at a time, to complete the processing of parts to be processed.

In order to produce a surface that meets the specified technical requirements on a certain part of the CNC workpiece, it is necessary to make the CNC workpiece occupy a certain correct position on the machine tool before machining. This process is often referred to as the "positioning" of CNC workpieces. CNC machining positioning, because in the process of cutting force, gravity, and so on, should also use a certain mechanism to the workpiece "clamping", so that its determined position remains unchanged. The entire process of workpiece from "positioning" to "clamping" is collectively referred to as "installation".

CNC workpiece installation is an important problem in mold processing, it not only directly affects the machining accuracy, workpiece installation speed, stability, but also affects the level of productivity. In order to ensure the relative position accuracy between the machining surface and its design datum, CNC machining workpiece should be installed so that the design datum of the machining surface occupies a correct position relative to the machine tool. The workpiece must be installed so that its design datum and the axis line of the machine tool spindle coincide.


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