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What Is The Cooling Strength Of Aluminum Alloy Casting?

Nov. 15, 2018

Cooling is also known as cooling speed. The cooling strength not only affects the crack of ingot, but also has greater influence on the structure of ingot. With the increase of cooling strength, the crystallization speed of the ingot is increased and the intragranular structure is more refined. With the increase of cooling strength, the hole of the ingot is shallow. The size of the transition zone is reduced, which improves the condition of metal feeding and reduces or eliminates defects such as porosity and porosity in ingots. The density of the ingot is increased, and the size of one compound can be refined, and the degree of regional segregation can be reduced.

In old fashioned casting, separate mold is used, especially when casting flat ingot. The water jacket is separate from the crystallizer. With the development of foundry technology, the crystallizer of modern casting method is integrated. The cooling water consumption of the old mold is large, because the water supply of the old mold is not closed, some of the cooling water is open and does not play a cooling effect, and the cooling strength of the one cooling and two cooling is very different, and some ingot quality defects are inevitably produced; and the cooling water is cast in the modern mold. Consumption is small. Practice proves that it is only about 70% of the water consumption of the old mould. At present, the low level mold casting is used in foreign countries. The purpose is to improve the cooling strength and reduce or eliminate the heating phenomenon in the air gap area after the first cooling. Therefore, there is almost no quenching condition of two cooling. The ordinary casting of flat ingot has reduced the height of the mould to 100. Of course, this requires the operator to have a very high level of operation. Or add liquid level white motion control system.

The requirement for cooling water temperature is not negligible. Normally, the cooling water temperature is set at 20 degrees, but due to regional climate conditions. The difference of water supply facilities and plant temperature has led to a great change, resulting in regional or seasonal ingot quality defects. The modern crystallizer water supply system has the function of pulse or cross phase change, all of which are determined by process programming, so the cooling strength can be set as a curve according to the needs of the casting process, especially for some hard alloys with low temperature plasticity, cold and hot cracks in the casting are almost at the same time, and the surface of the ingot surface is added to the surface of the ingot. When the temperature rises to the plastic deformation temperature, the cold crack of the ingot will be eliminated, and the measures to prevent the thermal crack will be adopted in the process, that is to say, the high quality ingot can be obtained.

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