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Process Analysis Of CNC Machining

Nov. 09, 2018

CNC machining refers to a process for machining parts on CNC machine tools. The process specifications of CNC machine tools and traditional machine tools are generally consistent, but significant changes have also taken place. A machining method that uses digital information to control the displacement of parts and tools. It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable parts, small batch size, complex shape and high precision, and to achieve high efficiency and automatic processing.

The numerical control machining process of the machined parts has a wide range of problems. The following is the main content that must be analyzed and reviewed in combination with the possibility and convenience of programming.

1, the dimension should meet the characteristics of CNC machining

In NC programming, the size and position of all points, lines, and faces are based on the programmed origin. Therefore, it is best to give the coordinate size directly on the part drawing, or try to use the same reference size.

2. The conditions of the geometric elements should be complete and accurate.

In programming, the programmer must fully grasp the geometric feature parameters that make up the contour of the part and the relationships between the geometric features. Because all geometric elements of the part's outline are defined during automatic programming, the coordinates of each node are calculated during manual programming. No matter which point is not clear or uncertain, programming cannot be performed. However, due to the inconsistency or neglect of the part designer during the design process, the parameters are often incomplete or unclear. Therefore, when reviewing and analyzing drawings, be sure to carefully check the problems and contact the designer in time.

3, reliable positioning criteria

In CNC machining, the machining process is often concentrated, and positioning with the same reference is very important. It is therefore often necessary to set up some auxiliary references or to add some process bosses to the blank.

4, unified geometry type or size

The shape and inner cavity of the part are preferably of a uniform geometry type or size, which reduces the number of tool changes, and may also use a control program or a dedicated program to shorten the program length. The shape of the part is as symmetrical as possible, which is easy to program with the mirror machining function of the CNC machine to save programming time.

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