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What Is CNC Machining?

Apr. 16, 2019

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC Product Customization Manufacturer shares that CNC machining refers to machining with CNC tools. CNC index-controlled machine tools are programmed and controlled by CNC machining language, usually code G. CNC machining G code language tells CNC machine tool machining tool which cartesian position coordinates, and control the feed speed of the tool and spindle speed, as well as tool converter, coolant and other functions.

CNC machining technology has been widely promoted, most machining workshops have CNC machining capacity, the typical machining workshop in the most common CNC machining methods are CNC milling, CNC car and CNC EDM wire cutting (EDM wire cutting).

Materials processed by CNC:

Including pure metal materials, alloy materials, plastic materials, wood and so on.

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Common CNC machine tools:

Lathe, milling machine, drilling machine, etc. According to the processing complexity, and can be divided into three axis, four axis, five axis machine.

CNC processing function:

The main purpose of CNC machining is to remove the excess parts of raw materials to make them have the appropriate shape, such as round, rectangular, etc. In the traditional method, these machines are operated by the operators who operate these machines. Most jobs require accurate machining, and operators should have sufficient expertise to perform precision machining.

In CNC machines, the role of the operator is minimized. The operator must simply enter instructions into the computer, load the required tools into the machine, and the rest is done automatically by the computer. The computer instructs the machine tool to perform various machining operations according to the instruction program sent by the operator.

The above content is the introduction of what CNC machining is. CNC machining has great advantages over manual machining. For example, the parts produced by CNC machining are very accurate and repeatable. CNC machining can produce parts with complex shapes that cannot be done by hand.

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