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What Parts Make Up a CNC Machining Center

Mar. 19, 2019

What Parts Make Up a CNC Machining Center

What are the components of a complete Custom CNC Machining Aluminum Parts center? Below small make up to introduce in detail for you, hope to want to understand CNC machining center friends helpful.

From the perspective of the main body, CNC machining center machine tools are mainly composed of the following parts:

1. Basic components

The foundation component is composed of the bed, the column and the work table and so on, they mainly bear the machining center static load and the cutting load which produces in the processing, therefore, must have the enough strength.

2. Spindle parts

It is composed of spindle box, spindle motor, spindle and spindle bearing, etc. The start, stop, speed change and other actions of the spindle are controlled by the numerical control system, and through the tool mounted on the spindle to participate in the cutting movement, which is the power output part of cutting.

3. Feeding mechanism

It is composed of feed servo motor, mechanical transmission device and displacement measuring element, etc. It drives moving parts such as worktable to form feed motion.

4. Numerical control system

The CNC part of the Precision Aluminum Parts Processing center is composed of CNC device, PLC, servo control device and operation panel. It is the control center that completes the machining process.

Custom CNC Machining Aluminum Parts

5. Automatic tool changing system

The Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) is composed of the cutter holder and the manipulator. When it is necessary to change the cutter, the CNC system gives the command and the manipulator (or by other means) takes the cutter out of the holder and puts it into the main shaft hole.

6. Auxiliary device

Auxiliary devices include lubrication, cooling, chip removal, protection, hydraulic, pneumatic and testing systems. Although these devices do not directly participate in the cutting movement, but on the machining center processing efficiency, processing accuracy and reliability plays a protective role. Therefore, is also an indispensable part of the machining center.

7. Automatic pallet replacement system

Some CNC machining center to further shorten the non-cutting time, equipped with two automatic exchange workpiece tray, one installed on the worktable for processing, the other is located outside the worktable for workpiece loading and unloading, which can reduce the auxiliary time, improve the processing efficiency.

The above content is the introduction of which parts are composed of CNC machining center. There are a variety of brands and grades of functional parts for customers to choose and customize. If you have the needs of CNC machining center, please feel free to contact us.