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Something About CNC Precision Machining

Mar. 15, 2019

Every processing method, it is to have its development, its development is good, it is good to see what kind of product it is, good product, its development, certainly will not be bad, CNC Product Customization processing is the same. Below small make up to introduce the CNC precision machining of those things.

CNC precision machining refers to the high precision marked on the production and processing drawings, which requires precision machining equipment to complete. Machining manufacturers ultra-precision processing equipment mainly include: CNC machining center, precision grinder and CNC lathe.

CNC machining center machine tool itself high precision, high precision, complex, small batch parts processing has a unique advantage; Precision grinding machine is one of the precision processing equipment, mainly finishing, mainly quenching processing of parts,such as CNC Processing Machinery Brass Parts.

CNC lathe is also an automatic processing equipment, general shaft, rod, circular type parts processing, special precision requirements or small batch parts processing more advantages.

CNC Processing Machinery Brass Parts

CNC processing technology and working principle:

1. Division of working procedures and working steps; Determination of tool point and tool changing point;

2. Determination of processing route; Selection of processing method and determination of processing scheme;

3, the reasonable selection of machine tool, the number of workpiece precision to choose different models;

4. Installation of parts and selection of fixtures;

5, the choice of cutting tools and cutting parameters to determine;

6. Process analysis of CNC machining parts and reasonable processing technology.