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What is the role of the aluminum shell?

Sep. 11, 2019

What is the role of the aluminum shell? Following the CNC machining Precision parts Factory would like to share with us.

This is an excellent heat dissipation data commonly used in modern heat dissipation. Most of the industry USES 6063 T5 high-quality aluminum, whose purity can reach more than 98%. Its high heat conduction ability, low density and low price have won the favor of major manufacturers.

According to the thermal resistance value of Intel and AMD cpus and their fever, CNC machining Aluminum alloy parts manufacturers develop response mold, the aluminum ingots are heated to the necessary temperature, so that its physical shape is changed, and then out of the mold to obtain all kinds of original heat sink materials we want; Cutting, cutting, polishing, deburring, cleaning, surface treatment can be applied.

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For aluminum extrusion heat sink material, the heat conduction function of each material is different, according to the heat conduction function from high to low display, distinguish is silver, copper, aluminum, steel. But it would be too expensive to use silver as a heat sink, so the best solution is copper. Although aluminium is much cheaper, it apparently conducts heat less well than copper (about 50% as well).

Currently, the commonly used aluminum extrusion heat sink material is copper and aluminum alloy, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. The heat conduction of copper is good, but price is more expensive, processing difficulty is higher, component is too big (many pure copper radiator surmounted CPU to the restriction of component), heat capacity is lesser, and oxidize easily. And pure aluminum is too soft, can not be used directly, is the use of aluminum alloy to provide enough hardness, the advantage of aluminum alloy is low price, light weight, but thermal conductivity is much worse than copper. Some of the radiator on each length, in the aluminum radiator base embedded a copper plate.

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