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CNC precision mechanical parts processing 7 major errors

Oct. 12, 2019

The current custom CNC processing machine parts in the modern era can not escape the fate of the industry, there will be some errors in the processing, mainly the following seven major errors:

1, Processing principle error

The principle error of CNC machining is due to the error caused by the approximate machining motion or the approximate tool contour. Because there is an error in the machining principle, it is called the machining principle error. This type of processing is still feasible as long as the principle error is within the allowable range.

2, The geometric error of the machine tool

Machine manufacturing manufacturing errors, installation errors, and wear during use directly affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece. Among them are the machine tool spindle rotary motion, the machine tool guide linear motion and the machine tool drive chain error.

3, The manufacturing error and wear of the tool

Manufacturing errors, mounting errors, and wear during machining of CNC-machined tools all affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece. During the cutting process, the cutting edge, the cutting surface and the workpiece and the chip generate strong friction, which causes the tool to wear. When the tool wear reaches a certain value, the surface roughness value of the workpiece increases, and the color and shape of the chip change, accompanied by vibration. Tool wear will directly affect cutting productivity, processing quality and cost.

4, Fixture error

The fixture errors of CNC machining include positioning error, clamping error, fixture mounting error and tool setting error. These errors are primarily related to the manufacturing and assembly accuracy of the fixture.

CNC machining accuracy is not perfect, as long as the error is controlled within a certain range, it will be insignificant. Tool manufacturing error and wear.

5, Positioning error

The positioning error mainly includes the reference misalignment error and the positioning sub-manufacturing inaccuracy error. When machining a workpiece on a machine tool, several geometric elements on the workpiece must be selected as the positioning reference for machining. If the selected positioning reference and design basis are used (the reference is used to determine the surface size and position on the part drawing). If the misalignment occurs, the reference misalignment error will be generated. The workpiece positioning surface and the fixture positioning component together form the positioning pair. The positioning position is inaccurate and the large displacement of the workpiece caused by the matching gap between the positioning pairs is called positioning. Sub-manufacturing inaccuracy error. Inaccurate errors in positioning and manufacturing are only produced when the adjustment method is used, and will not occur in the trial cutting process.

6, Adjustment error

In each process of machining, the process system is always adjusted in one way or another. Since the adjustment is impossible to be accurate, an adjustment error is generated. In the process system, the mutual positional accuracy of the workpiece and the tool on the machine tool is ensured by adjusting the machine tool, tool, fixture or workpiece. When the original precision of machine tools, tools, fixtures and workpiece blanks meets the process requirements without considering dynamic factors, the adjustment error plays a decisive role in the machining error.

7, Measurement error

When the CNC machining gift accessories are measured during or after machining, the measurement accuracy is directly affected by the measurement method, the accuracy of the gage, and the workpiece and subjective and objective factors.

The above seven machining errors can be avoided to a certain extent, so the operators who need to machine the machining can more carefully and carefully test the seven machining processes that are likely to cause machining errors during machining. After the machining operation, the impact of machining errors can be better reduced. Our company is a CNC Processing Hardware Accessories Manufacturer. In terms of products and technology, we have been pursuing excellence and strict control over mechanical processing. Our products are exported to overseas and are well recognized and loved by our customers.

CNC precision mechanical parts processing 7 major errors

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