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New Technology Of CNC Processing In The World

Mar. 06, 2019

The rapid development of CNC system technology provides conditions for the technological progress of CNC lathe processing machine tools. In order to meet the needs of the market and meet the higher requirements of modern manufacturing technology for CNC technology, the development of CNC technology and its equipment in the world is mainly embodied in the following technical characteristics:

1. High Speed and High Efficiency

With the development of machine tools in the direction of high speed, not only the processing efficiency and cost can be greatly improved, but also the surface quality and accuracy of parts can be improved. Ultra-high-speed machining technology has wide applicability for manufacturing industry to achieve efficient, high-quality and low-cost production.

2. High Precision

From precision processing to ultra-precision processing is the direction of the world's industrial powers. Its precision ranges from micron to submicron, even nanometer (< 10nm), and its application range is becoming wider and wider.

3. High reliability

With the development of networked application of CNC lathe, the high reliability of CNC lathe has become the goal pursued by CNC system manufacturers and CNC lathe manufacturers.

4. Compound

In the process of parts processing, a large amount of useless time is spent on workpiece handling, loading and unloading, installation and adjustment, tool change and spindle speed-up and deceleration. In order to reduce these useless time as much as possible, people hope to integrate different processing functions into one machine tool. Therefore, the machine tool with compound functions has become a fast-growing machine tool in recent years.

5. Intelligence

Intelligence is a major direction of manufacturing technology development in the 21st century. Intelligent machining is a kind of processing based on neural network control, fuzzy control, digital network technology and theory. It simulates the intelligent activities of human experts in the process of processing to solve many uncertain problems that can only be solved by manual intervention.

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New Technology Of CNC Processing In The World