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What Is Precision Mechanical Parts Processing?

Jan. 15, 2019

Generally, the definition of precision machining refers to the processing of each major surface in steps and steps, including workpiece parallelism, surface finish, surface perpendicularity, surface hardness, etc., which can achieve the machining accuracy of the parts and the quality of the machined surface. The requirements specified in the drawings.

Parallelism requirements: It is required to meet the tolerance requirements around the workpiece, such as rectangular workpieces, then the thickness of the four corners of the workpiece must be within a certain tolerance. If the thickness of the four sides does not meet the tolerance requirements, it will not reach Parallelism requirements.

Verticality requirement: It is required to meet the tolerance requirements of the side and the ground of the workpiece. It can be understood as a proper body. From the point of view of the number axis, it is divided into three sides of XYZ. Generally, XZ and YZ are required to meet the tolerance requirements, and the error and the parallelism are required. Generally, it can be processed according to the parallelism requirement.

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