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What should I pay attention to when buying an aluminum alloy chassis?

Jul. 22, 2019

Buy aluminum alloy chassis need to pay attention to what?

The main body of the CNC machining Aluminum alloy parts - aluminum alloy case is made of high quality aluminum alloy profile, which has the characteristics of strong structure, beautiful appearance, good heat dissipation, etc. It is widely used in the fields of instrument, instrument, electronics, communication, automation, sensor, intelligent card, industrial control, precision machinery, etc. So buy aluminum alloy chassis need to pay attention to what? Let me introduce it to you.

Aluminum alloy is made by adding some alloying elements to pure aluminum, such as aluminum - copper alloy, aluminum - zinc - magnesium - copper super hard aluminum alloy. As for the majority of computer chassis is aluminum - copper alloy. The main concern is heat dissipation.

Because copper and aluminum are extruded together, the cooling properties are quite good, and even some high-end CPU water-cooled fans use this material. If it is military, the first choice is to ensure the firmness, aluminum - zinc - magnesium - copper series super hard aluminum alloy is the first choice.

Aluminium alloy chassis

What to pay attention to when buying aluminum alloy chassis:

1. See whether the material is aluminum alloy, distinguish galvanized, tin plating. Aluminum alloy has high strength and light weight.

2. After determining the material, check the location of the optical drive, floppy drive and interface, and see whether they meet the requirements. Besides, check the USB and audio interfaces, which need to have good expansibility and easy to use characteristics.

3. As we all know, the heat dissipation of the chassis is also very important. Fans can have an important effect on the heat dissipation of the chassis. So we need to see if there are fans, how many fans, if the noise is too loud. Also check to see if the heat sink is in a reasonable position.

Outdoor equipment enclosure

4. However, if the fan is used for a long time, it will accumulate a lot of dust, which will affect the speed of the chassis and increase the noise. So we should be timely dust, metal filter is the necessary equipment to dust. The selected metal filter screen had better pass FCC level verification.

5. Finally, to see whether the appearance of the chassis is beautiful, reasonable structure. Because the aluminum alloy chassis is generally no longer painted, so the surface is easy to scratch, if there are carbonated drinks sprinkled on it, then the surface of the chassis will be greatly affected.

The above content is to buy aluminum alloy chassis need to pay attention to what is introduced, aluminum alloy has light weight, low cost, uniform stress, and not easy to corrosion characteristics, the most important is the heat dissipation of aluminum alloy is better than other materials. When the article that makes wants long time to contact high temperature, be about to choose aluminium alloy. Aluminum alloys are easy to process and have a high degree of heat dissipation. In particular, the vehicle engine is particularly suitable for the use of aluminum alloy materials.

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