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Basic Knowledge Of CNC Precision Part Machining

Jan. 24, 2019

Basic knowledge of CNC Processing Machine Parts

Chip control

Long continuous cutting around the tool or workpiece. Usually caused by low feed, low and/or shallow depth of cut.

2. Surface quality

The surface looks and feels "hairy" and does not meet the tolerance requirements.

3. Burr formation

When the workpiece is cut away from the workpiece, burrs are formed at the cutting end.

the reason:

1. The cutting edge is not sharp enough.

Solution: Use a blade with a sharp cutting edge: - Precision grinding insert with small feed rate (<0.1mm/r).

2. The feed is too low for the roundness of the cutting edge.

Solution: Use a small angling handle.

3. CNC precision parts are machined for groove wear at the depth of cut, or chipping.

Solution: When leaving the workpiece, end the cut with a chamfer or radius.

4. Vibration

High radial cutting force

Cause: Vibration or chattering scratches caused by tool or tool installation. It usually occurs when using a mast for internal machining.

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