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[CNC machine parts for sale]Safety operation rules for CNC lathe machining

May. 17, 2019

Safety operation rules for CNC lathe machining shared by CNC machining Precision parts Manufacturer.

CNC machine tools should be carried out a comprehensive and detailed inspection before starting, including the operation panel, guide surface, jaw, tailstock, tool holder, tool, etc.

1, CNC lathe processing power, check whether the switch, button and button is normal, flexible, whether there is abnormal phenomenon of the machine.

2, after the program input, should carefully check CNC lathe processing code, address, numerical value, positive and negative number, decimal point for careful check.

3, the correct measurement and calculation of the workpiece coordinate system. And check the results?? · input workpiece coordinate system and coordinate. Coordinate value, sign and decimal point should be checked carefully

4, before the installation of the workpiece, empty run a program, to see whether the program can be carried out smoothly, whether the installation of tools and fixtures is reasonable, whether there is no "over".

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5, cutting the fast rate switch must be played to the lowest gear.

6, cutting feed, the tool run to 30 ~ 50 ㎜ artifacts, have to maintain the feed, verify the Z axis and X axis coordinates surplus value and processing program are consistent.

7, cutting and processing, cutting tool grinding and replacement of the tool, to re-measure the position of the tool and modify the value and the number of the tool.

8,after the order is modified, the modified part shall be carefully checked.

9, the machine tool cannot be started until the workpiece is clamped. It is strictly forbidden to measure or touch the workpiece when it is rotating.

10, when the workpiece is jumping, shaking, abnormal sound, loose fixture and other abnormal conditions occur, the workpiece must be stopped for processing.

11, after the emergency stop, the machine should be re - "back to zero" operation, to run the program again.

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