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CNC Machining Is The Core Of Mold Manufacturing Technology

Nov. 26, 2018

The mold has the characteristics of complex structural profile, high precision requirements, high hardness of the materials used, and short manufacturing cycle. Mold manufacturing is a complex production process with tight production cycles and high technical requirements. Each mold is a new project with different structural features. Therefore, the technical level of machining is highly demanded. The traditional machining technology and equipment have certain limitations, the process level is low, the precision is not enough, and the production cycle is long, which directly affects the production efficiency and quality of the mold manufacturing. The diversified development of CNC Customized Parts technology, including CNC milling, CNC EDM, CNC EDM, CNC turning, CNC grinding and other in-depth research of CNC machining methods, can provide a wealth of mold manufacturing Production means. Among them, CNC milling machines and machining centers are the most widely used. The application of the number of wire-cutting processes and CNC EDM in the NC machining of molds is also very common. It can be said that CNC machining technology is the core application in mold manufacturing technology.

1. Features of CNC Machining Model Accessories

(1) Mold manufacturing is a single piece production, each sub-mold has different structural characteristics, and there is almost no chance of re-opening in the manufacturing process, so there are high requirements in terms of digital programming and machine control. . When processing more complex molds, it is often necessary to use third-party mechanical software for automatic programming and then revision by the mold manufacturing process personnel.

(2) The design and development of the mold does not appear as the final product, but serves the research and development of the new product project. Therefore, the development quantity and development time are not fixed, and the manufacturing randomness is strong. Therefore, the mold design and manufacturing personnel should Strong adaptability and need to have a wealth of practical experience. At the same time, for the complex processing of the mold cavity surface, the process requires sufficient precision to process the cavity surface, and it is best to avoid the mold fit and manual polishing work.

(3) The manufacturing precision of mold processing is high. In order to ensure the precision of the formed product, the error of the mold processing must be effectively controlled at any time, otherwise the error on the mold will be amplified on the product. Mold tolerances range from 1/5 to 1/10 of the formed product, and the precision requirements at the mating point are higher. Only when sufficient precision is achieved can it be guaranteed not to overflow.

CNC Machining Model Accessories